caloge the Windshifter

CEO, Artist, Writer, Music Producer, Arranger

Caloge was born and raised on the south side of Chicago.  Coming up at an early age, he always had a love for music. He took a few piano lessons and played in some of the school talent shows along with playing in the band. Caloge is a pretty good drummer and guitarist as well. He was then introduced to deejaying by neighborhood friends and was inspired by DJ Jazzy Jeff. Caloge started spinning records throughout various neighborhoods from backyard parties, to school & house parties, to block parties and then on to doing shows. 

Hip-Hop then stormed the scene and he had to have a piece of it. He then started looking into making music and not just spinning music. He bought his first equipment and went fast to work. Caloge started making beats for local hip-hop artist and even instrumental break-dance music for break-dance battles. All the crews loved him and his name vastly started to spread throughout the neighborhoods. 

After spending some time working with other artist, he decided to break off and do his own thing. The pen and pad came into effect and he became a triple threat in hip-hop music; writing, producing, and spitting his own material. 

Caloge also entered a Pepsi contest with his local hometown radio station, and his flow was so deadly that they shut the contest down after his flow. They knew that night no one would come close to defeating him and needless to say, "HE WON" and was awarded the prize hands down!!! 

In 2006, Caloge took the world over and broke through Hip-Hop with his Debut Album "Brace Ya'Self" ft. his wife, Tonya Ni the Producerette which includes Hypnotic Trax blended with smooth mellow vocals.  A different rap mixture from the norm.  He also produced 9 Trax on Reckless "Queen Of Da Streets" Album. 

In 2008, Caloge went on to release his sophomore album entitled "The Jazz, Funk & Soul of MaCosa". This album is a dash of Ol’ Skool by the ounce with a New Skool bounce. This recipe of music is a Jazz Fusion of Funk that Thumps & Bumps!!! 

In 2010, Caloge & Tonya Ni released a third album entitled "Full Tilt".  A 17-Song album which includes various Genres of music that he calls the "The Combo Pack".  Also, in 2010, Caloge & Tonya Ni’ started to feed the Steppin and Skating world full fledge with their "GET INTO IT” ALBUM. 

In 2012, Caloge released his “OL’ DOG NEW TRICKS VOL 1” ALBUM. His remakes of some of the Hottest Ol' Skool records for the Steppers, Skaters and Music Lovers around the world. That's not all for Caloge in 2012… He and Tonya Ni wanted to switch it up a bit and show some love to the House Heads. They released their New 17-song House album "THE HOUSIN PROJECT”!!! Gotta have that house!!!! 

In 2013, the duo released their classic album "STEP EASY ROLL HARD".  A 17-track album of all original music containing mellow and hard-hitting beats for the Hard Roller Skaters to the Easy Steppin Steppers.  

In 2014, Caloge released a Hot "Stepaganza Remix" of Cardell's original Stepaganza song as part of a producers battle.  He released "THE SWEETEST HANGOVER", a Hot Smooth Sexy R&B Remix of Diana Ross' classic.  He released "THE FUNK OF 40,000 YEARS (THRILLER REMIX), THE FUNK OF 40,000 YEARS (THE AFTER PARTY) collabo with Dj Chillnite & Dj Tony James, and released (2) new Christmas singles with Tonya Ni entitled, "IT'S CHRISTMAS" and "IT'S CHRISTMAS (THE B-SIDE).  Two original Hip-Hop/R&B Upbeat Christmas Singles that Just Makes You Feel Good!!! It's Christmas Music that you can step to, skate to, dance to and just jam to… Holiday Music for all Music Lovers!  Written & Produced by Caloge. 

In 2015, Caloge The Windshifter was back in the studio creating his "2Faced Remix" of the classic record "Smiling Faces, along with a slew of other singles including "Don't Do Me", "Love Strikes Again", "8 Wheel Motion" a Universal Skate Track, and "Trumpet Spank".  All for the steppers, skaters & music lovers.  

In 2016, C&T released "STEP & LET THE FLOOR SMOKE", the first single from their upcoming album, "I'll Rock the 'A' Side, You Rock the 'B' Side. This single is a hard thumping joint with an a-rhythmic flow for all those that indulge in the fascinating world of Stepping. Written & produced by Caloge. 

He released "BE THERE FOR YOU", a royal badness remix of "Adore" in honor of the legendary musician Prince.  

Caloge did a collabo with Chi-town's own DJ Markey G, one of the Hottest Producers in the game entitled "BREAK FREE".  A Mid temple joint with a hypnotic bass line, landscaped with smooth orchestra violins with variation of rhythm change with an urban feel.  Caloge did not stop there.   

He and Tonya Ni released their slick Holiday single "IT'S A HOLIDAY PARTY" that's for all occasions! Written and produced by Caloge. 

Caloge also created several other Christmas Singles throughout the years. All for the Steppers, Skaters & Music Lovers around the world. 

Currently in 2017, Caloge & Tonya Ni is back at it again with their new single "KINGS & QUEENS WE ARE" in Honor of Black History month.  Music produced by Tonya Ni and written by Caloge.  Check it out...  He's also preparing to release 11 of 22-tracks from their upcoming album "I'll Rock The A Side, You Rock The B Side. 


Caloge enjoys writing, producing, guitar playing; bass and lead, stepping, jb skating, drawing hip-hop pieces, airbrushing, auto customizing, photography, drumming, art designing which includes the designing of his "Calogee" shoe line, and the list goes on and on... He's what you call a jack of all trades.  Check him out!



Tonya Ni, the other but equal half to the team was also born and raised in Chicago.  She's an artist, writer, producer, and VP for Colossal Baby Entertainment, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the label alongside CEO, Caloge. 

Inspired by her father, Robert, who had his own band, Tonya Ni; grew up singing and dancing to her parents steady stream of multi-genre ol’ skool records.  She's performed in school talent shows and sang in the Church Choir. 

Then in 2006, Tonya Ni started as a backing vocalist formally known as Cozy on Caloge's debut album "BRACE YA'SELF". After adding Tonya Ni on a few other tracks, Caloge graced Tonya with her own single "Feel'in You".  The two then became a force (a dynamic duo), releasing several other albums thereafter including, "THE JAZZ, FUNK & SOUL OF MACOSA" in 2008, "FULL TILT" in 2010 and "GET INTO IT" in 2010 (their Steppers & Skaters album). 

In 2012, after being inspired by Caloge, Tonya Ni felt the desire to produce. She went into the studio, came up with a beat/bass line and formulated her 1st bangin 'House' track entitled “HOUSE DISTURBANCE”. After successfully debuting "House Disturbance" she became even more enthused, creating several more tracks, which led to her creative production of (5) of 17 tracks on she and Caloge's House album entitled "THE HOUSIN PROJECT". She then went on to produce yet another bangin 'house' track entitled "ICE CREAM BANG" and that was all she wrote... The start of Tonya Ni, “THE PRODUCERETTE ON THE SET”. 

In 2013, Tonya Ni continued in the studio doing what she loves and that lead to her production of (3) Hot tracks on she and Caloge's new "STEP EASY ROLL HARD" (Steppers & Skaters) album entitled "SLOW YA ROLL", "EGYPTIAN ROLL" & "THROUGH THE MADNESS". That is not all, she also produced another single entitled "DO THAT THERE". 

In 2015, Tonya Ni continued to let her creative juices flow.  She came up with a nice upbeat feel good dance song entitled "GLOW".  "GLOW" is a smoking New Single that seems to be moving many.  It even sparked one of the most outstanding Line Dance Choreographer's/Pioneer's in the game, award winning, Bernadette Burnette.  Within one week of the songs release, Bernadette Burnette chose to create a nice Smooth Line Dance to the song called "GLOW Line Dance" which has been making its way throughout the states in hopes of becoming national for the Line Dancers.  Check it and her out in a city near you... 

In 2016, Tonya Ni again joined Caloge in the release of their single "STEP & LET THE FLOOR SMOKE".  The first single from their upcoming 22-album, "I'll Rock the 'A' Side, You Rock the 'B' Side. This single is a hard thumping joint with an a-rhythmic flow for all those that indulge in the fascinating world of Stepping. Tonya did not stop there.   

She performed with Caloge on their Holiday single "IT'S A HOLIDAY PARTY".  A Holiday song for all occasions written and produced by Caloge. That brings us to her latest production... 

Currently in 2017, she's back at it again alongside Caloge with their new single "KINGS & QUEENS WE ARE" in Honor of Black History month.  Tonya Ni produced the music and it was written by Caloge.  Check it out...  

She's also preparing to release 11 of 22-tracks from their upcoming album "I'll Rock The 'A' Side, You Rock The 'B' Side.  

Meanwhile, Tonya Ni is continuing to put it down in the studio in an effort to keep bringing forth good music for good people to dance and vibe to.  She’s currently stirring up a few other projects for all of her music lovers so stay tuned because this is just the beginning for Chi-Town’s own female Producer, Tonya Ni, The Producerette on the Set.  She has much more in store.  Tonya Ni continues to thank God for the blessings and gifts he’s bestowed upon her because without him, none of this would be possible.